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Our Automated Text Extraction Solution

vDigiDocr is cloud-based document processing and AI powered OCR Software that can automate low-value enterprise tasks and digitize business workflows. Platform helps extract data points(text) from PDFs,images,tables,scanned documents and websites. Extracted data can be channeled into variety of formats of your choice - CSV, JSON, XLSX, XML or writen to a secure file system / database or can be integrated to 3rd party system via business API calls


Our enterprise-ready solution for automatic text extraction employs computer vision, text recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), machine learning, and deep learning technologies. Any picture or digital document may be processed using the User Interface or through the Batch Process. Integration with third-party systems such as ERP, bookkeeping, and RPA enables complete business process automation. Such solutions, subject to permission or review, can be incorporated into current workflows for quick processing. Because it is automated, it is possible to provide additional benefits such as rule-based notifications, alerts, reminders, and text translation to offer users real-time information.

Many industries employ digital document text extraction and processing technologies, which leads to workflow automation and process reengineering. The legal business, which is primarily reliant on paper documents, may profit greatly from the ease and convenience of such new solutions. This solution aids in the efficiency of enterprises that handle a huge volume of papers. Even though they are of the same kind, each document has a unique format (such as an invoice). It is essential that such a system can accommodate these disparities.

Our Offerings

  1. Hybrid Solution - Standalone(Private) as well as Web Based(Public).
  2. Manual submission of digital documents through User Interface, auto-pickup process via Batch Process, or submission via API rest service.
  3. Traditional template (manual/semi-automatic) workflows are supported, as are futuristic machine learning (automatic) processes.
  4. Incoming flow formats supported include any type of scanned document or picture.
  5. Outgoing flow formats supported include csv, json, xml, and others.
  6. On-the-fly model training on the Cloud Platform is made possible by an integrated tool and an automated process.
  7. For the marketplace model and user access management, SuperAdmin and Admin Login are required (coarse and fine grained)
  8. Cloud-based, scalable, high-accuracy, configurable and customizable platform for processing any sort of digital document.
  9. Integration to third-party systems like as ERP, Accounting, or RPA is possible using a modular, multi-tier Service Oriented Architecture.
  10. It is possible to add support for handwritten text and multiple languages.

Technology Used

  • OCR Engine (Tesseract, Google Vision, etc)
  • Computer Vision (OpenCV)
  • AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algo)
  • Docker/Container
  • Python, MERN
  • GPU Powered Google Cloud Platform Collab or AWS EC2 G3

Brief / Intro

Brief / Introduction About vDigiDocr


Usecase 1 :
Key Highlights :
  • PO/Invoice Upload, Scan, Process, Store, API Integration, 3rd Party System Integration (ERP)
  • AI/Machine Learning-based auto-detection of PO/Invoice Templates
  • 70k POs/Invoices were trained.
  • Robost Cloud Platform is multi-user, secure, and scalable.
  • Automation of business processes, high accuracy, and digital transformation
  • Productivity gains, manual to automated processing with fewer human error, and cost savings with ROI
Usecase 2 :
CVs / Resumes
Key Highlights :
  • Upload, Scan, Process, Store, and Search CVs in Bulk
  • Auto-detection of CV Templates (Euro, Indeed, LinkedIn) with AI/Machine Learning Central CV Repository, integration with Google Drive for archiving User Interface with SuperAdmin, Admin, and User modules
  • Business Automation, Digital Transformation, Multi-User, Multi-Tenant Cloud Platform .
  • CV management solution driven by AI OCR aids in the reduction of manual CV processing, quicker time to market through batch processing, and comprehensive Search.

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Our Clients

Digitali (PO/INVOICE)


TechUltra Solutions (PO/INVOICE)


Online Dimensions (CV)


Vitality Business SS (Medical Report)


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